Goddammit. I’m just trying to celebrate this victory.

But the god Life’s assistant keeps reminding me that there are things to do.
Girlfriend/home partner might be taking new job with her father in a different town.
Public rap showcase tomorrow, live and recorded.
Tech acting weird. Songs jamming on Spotify(Album listening: Strange Clouds by B.o.B.). Forgetting how to capitalise and bold title on Medium.
No smart phone. Or phone of any kind, really. Why?

No smart phone because I gave it up at the office today with all other gear my job gave me. Gave it up because today was my last official day at my military defence job. I quit. I quit because fuck Mr. Toilet Dicks and fuck all bully managers enforcing this insulting system. Fuck all of that, victoriously slow. It is a victory to declare Fuck All of That. The louder you declare it, the more victorious it is.

So yeah, I’m just trying to take a minute to celebrate this victory. Celebrate with a lit cigarette on my balcony. But goddammit, Life’s Assistant will not quit. Reminding me, Goddammit I so badly want to quite lighting cigarettes.

What a fucking fantastic day. Goddammit. God fucking dammit.
Thank you.


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