I was fighting cause I felt small
pushed up against the wall
only time
coulda told me stop
but time was yet to call
I’m a man,
I’m a vain buck
I challenge deer to brawl
But I know when my fist struck
I almost lost it all

Introducing the old me
and the crossroads I was in
Saw the light as Black
AND White
the grey is just for sin
Not at night but at sunny day
I walked into the pot
Saw the weed that stole my soil
and gave it fruit for thought
Here I pause

Intermission. Corporate needs you to find the difference between this picture and this picture.

Is it assault when you allegedly assault the village dingelberry?
I mean
I want my money back at any cost
but the people who love me enough to talk like the law
say at my level invariably the levy violence carries is heavy heavy

And after all,
my girl says she suspects that toilet is going to start blocking again
I reply we get the plunger and push the shit down like the plumber suggests

There is no difference.
No long term solution.

My girl is right like a boss.
Fight once and you gon stay plunging the ablutions.Whoop a nigga ass?
At what cost?
I’m down $500 just to stay out of court .

But listen.

Imma fight till the clock calls
Not a with knife
Or with blood lost
For a cause,
Black AND white. Not “Or”
Some grey’s
hope not
No more
Can violence be a default.

Thou you might go missing


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